3 days to discover the world!

For its 26th edition, the International Tourism and Travel Show (ITTS) invites you to a celebration of travel and an open door to adventure, discovery and the world. The three-day event, the annual launch point for your travel and vacation plans, will be held from October 24 to 26 at Place Bonaventure, and this year’s Show includes everything a 26th anniversary celebration should…and more!

The ITTS offers travel enthusiasts something for every taste and need. Whether you’re planning an exhilarating ski, cycling, diving or golf vacation, heading off on a spiritual retreat, looking for the cruise of your dreams, preparing to charter a sailboat with friends, longing to just kick back and relax, or craving a romantic week under the Caribbean sun, you’ll find all the information you need at the Show.

In fact, more than 1000 travel professionals comprised of 400 exhibitors and partners will come together under one roof at the ITTS to answer all of your questions and help make the dreams of your next destination come true.

Ready for takeoff?




When you enter the International Tourism and Travel Show, you undertake a magnificent journey around the world. In a festive ambiance, representatives from 100 countries will help you discover all of the famed and unknown marvels of each vacation destination. Folk dances, music representatives of the various countries, costumes, conferences, arts and crafts, cinema and activities all are on tap at this colourful show.

Over the years, the International Tourism and Travel Show has carved out a privileged place in the hearts of travel lovers. Boasting a notoriety that extends well beyond our country's borders, this year's edition of the ITTS will be its 26th.

Come and live the world of travel!


The International Tourism and Travel Show, which over the years has become one of the biggest events of its kind in North America, offers exhibitors a golden opportunity to meet thousands of targeted visitors, and many of the major players in the travel industry.

The ITTS allows you:

  • To offer your products and services to more than 33,000 targeted visitors;
  • To create numerous contacts;
  • To increase your notoriety.